Friday, 20 August 2010

How I converted to Islam

I love reading convert / revert stories. Here is a convert story from

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CS: How I converted to Islam

ok first off - i was raised as a catholic. And by that i mean i was baptised, given a catholic sounding name (even my school principal congratulated me on my strong irish catholic name), sent to private catholic schools where we would attend mass all the time, had my rituals done - reconciliation, confession, holy communion, etc. I had a godfather and a godmother, as is the catholic way. I grew up in a typical irish catholic household. But never went to church on our own time. My family themselves were not really religious. we didnt go to church on sundays, hardly ever went for christmas mass, easter mass, etc. but we still celebrated easter and christmas through easter egg hunts in the garden and presents at christmas.Read more at

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